How To Lose Fat And Get Toned Fast With Nutrition

The Million Dollar Question
Here is the question most people want to know the answer to, wait let me rephrase that… this is what most people want but most either are not willing to do what it actually takes to get the end outcome or just don’t know and assume what they are doing will get them to where they want.

So in this blog post i’m going to share with you how do you actually lose fat, get toned and how to do it fast. But first let me tell you why it’s important to know how to do this. I’ll tell you from now, anyone that has studied personal training or fitness in general knows that at least 80%-90% of the people you see in the gym have absolutely no clue what they are doing in the gym.

They might be just guessing, or they might have seen someone that looks good do this exercise or they might have seen something online or on tv about this magical workout that burns fat and tones up those abs… So learning how to do this properly will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and months if not years in the gym.


Big Surprise
What i’m about to tell you may shock you, there is no such thing as targeted fat loss… yes. Say for example I wanted to lose those extra centimeters around my waist or those wings on the inside of my arms, there is no proof that actually shows that you can target fat loss in one area specifically. The only way to burn fat, and I mean actual fat is to have your body using your stored fat as energy. Nutrition is a key factor for burning fat and maintaining muscle and will be explained in another blog post. It’s a lot simpler than people think.

In saying that, building muscle is an art in it of itself. The more muscle you have in your body the quicker your metabolism speeds up and works to burn calories. And the only way that you will lose fat is if your nutrition is planned based on your goals and you are burning more calories then you are consuming. 2 words, Calorie Deficit, your body needs to be in this mode, Calorie Deficit mode but still need to be eating enough protein, fats and carbs to be processing all this.

So How Do You Actually Do This:
1. Calories And Nutrition – You need to first educate your self on the basics of nutrition. With the right education its a lot less than people think.

2. Building Muscle – Secondly you need a plan of attack for a workout program. Get the techniques done properly because if its not done properly, seriously your seeing an illusion. You don’t need to lift the heaviest weight in the gym to be the best looking. Just do the exercises properly and keep your heart rate up. You do need a program based on what you are looking to achieve because your muscles need to recover just as much as they need to be worked out. Keep your heart rate up and minimum rest times between sets.

3. Lifestyle – Don’t go all out one week then burn out for the next week. Gradually get into it the gym, make it a habit. Start off with 1 day a week, then take it up to 2 days a week, then 3 days etc.

Now I know your probably thinking, is that it… is that all to it Mark? Well yes… in my opinion that’s all it is however nutrition is a key aspect that effects the end result and building muscle is an art in it of itself.

So How Do You Do It Fast?
This is where hiring a professional to help you do this can really benefit you and save you a lot of time and money in the process.

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Here is the conclusion, regardless of what you think or what you’ve been told… to get the kind of results your looking for, the nutrition information you need to know is not a lot but it is vital to understand. Same goes with training.

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Train hard,

Mark Halwani