Why I Started Breakout Fitness – My Transformation

I was 13 when I first stepped into a gym… I remember clearly how every Tuesday for sport, we used to go to Bankstown Fitness First and I couldn’t wait! I signed up as quickly as I could. More than 10 years later, after working my butt off in the gym, after trying diet after diet, seeing nutritionists, having people write up plans for me… I still looked like the image you see above on the left.

What was wrong? Why didn’t I get the results I was so desperately looking for? After visiting my doctor for regular blood tests, I was told that my iron levels were TOO high, and if I had come back 6 months later and they were still through the roof, I’d be forced to donate blood. Mind you, these results were the outcome of paying for a $3000 nutrition coaching program that I started at the start of 2015, in the hopes to “get me shredded”.

Now, even though these guys did provide value and did manage to help me get my fat percentage down, I still had no energy and regardless of the effort I put in, I still wasn’t progressing and on my way to getting that body I wanted.

Now, if I… someone who has worked their butt off and NEVER gives up hasn’t seen results in that many years, can you imagine the typical person that HAS to lose weight? Or the normal, every day person that just wants to lose weight, look good and feel good?

So.. I started doing my own research and 3 months later I was finding it weird when people were talking about me, were referring to me as ripped! Even I couldn’t believe it, I found it funny. I may not be the most ripped person but hey, I was finally actually happy with how my results were shaping in the gym…

And that’s why I started Breakout Fitness. That’s why I’m dedicated, Breakout Fitness is dedicated to changing lives through health and fitness, to deliver the right information and keeping people accountable. By the way, I still got those results by not giving up all my sweet treats, I would still have those “cheat meals” every now and then.

My transformation was more than just how I looked for me, It was a mental, emotional and physical transformation. Now the plan and my mission is to do that for as many people as possible.
So if you’re reading this, I challenge you to keep the conversation going in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you, what has worked for you and what hasn’t worked?